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A Family Abandoned Their “Ugly” Dog, But Life-Altering Surgery Transformed Him, Showcasing Resilience and the Power of Compassion

What would you do if your dog was considered one of the most ugly dogs around? Learn about Bjarni and his journey from abandonment to rescue.

Bjarni was a dog like any other – except that he had a disfigured face. He was rescued from a difficult home and was ignored by those who passed him by. However, there were those who found his story heartbreaking and wanted to support him. The following is the story of Bjarni’s journey from being unloved to finding his forever home.

Bjarni was likely disfigured as a result of an attack by another animal. His face was full of bite scars and he only had half a nose. As a result, he struggled to eat and breathe properly. After being rescued, he was taken back to his original owners but they refused to take him back. Unfortunately, this meant that Bjarni could possibly be euthanized.

There are not many organizations in Houston, Texas, that will take sick and injured pets to care for them before they’re transferred to a shelter. Fortunately, Bjarni was taken to St. Francis’ Angels, one of the few places in the area that serves as an emergency foster-home organization. In fact, shortly before Bjarni’s arrival, founder Anne Graber rescued a pit bull with hydrocephalus and other medical issues.

Bjarni underwent surgery and his face is now completely realigned. Best of all, he can breathe and eat without problems! Even though he went through some tough experiences, Bjarni remains one of the friendliest dogs around. “[Bjarni is] vivacious and engaging. He is totally unaware of his limitations and disfigurement,” Anne told the Huffington Post.

While he may not have received the love and care needed from his original owners, this tragic story has a happy ending. In addition to getting the surgery he needed, Bjarni has also found his forever home! His new family accepts and loves him as he is and gave him a new name – Hogan. From all of us at I Love Pets, we wish you the best in your new home, Hogan!

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