A Bird So Green It Almost Seems To Glow In The Dark – Meet The Glistening Green Tanager!

A bird that has green plumage you would expect would be a bird that kind of blends in with the surrounding environment, right?

That being the case you would expect this to be a bird that is hard to spot, kind of boring compared to other more brightly colored birds.

That’s what most people would assume, that is until they saw a bright green practically fluorescent Glistening Green Tanager.

This is the kind of bird that stands out on the dullest of days, the kind of bird that stands out, even amongst a forest of green trees.

And no, the photo has not been enhanced in any way, this is a photo of a Glistening Green Tanager just as it was when it was taken. They really are that green.

Of course, there’s probably some color-correction happening with any photo shared on the internet, but it’s not adding anything that isn’t already there.

I mean, there’s a reason these birds have the adjective “glistening” right in their name. If you told me they glow in the dark, I’d almost believe you.

Of course, glowing would be counter productive in terms of camouflage.

The Glistening-Green Tanager can be found in the forests of Columbia and Ecuador. Unlike a lot of bird species, the males and females don’t differ that much in appearance.

Females may be a bit duller, but still very green, and sometimes lack the white and red spots on their heads.

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