There is only a little information about this “alien mummy,” and there is only one documentary broadcast exclusively by the Sci-Fi network in 1998, called “The Secret KGB Abduction Files.”

Only one authorized opinion was provided by the same American television network. The authenticity of the film was confirmed by the experts who analyzed it. American chains have broadcast the film one time. The only other copies of the video are these short films, which are online thanks to the people who recorded the broadcast.

The film would show a secret KGB expedition to Egypt as part of the “Isis Project, “ in which Soviet intelligence discovered the existence of what appears to be the mummy of an alien. (alien mummy). It all started with Viktor Ivanovich, an astrophysicist and neurologist from Russia who was hired by Moscow as a scientific advisor to help develop advanced propulsion systems. As he tells Sci-Fi himself, Ivanovich had access to some secret files of the KGB in which there was talk of an expedition in 1961 as part of the “Isis Project.” Its goal was to uncover traces and technologies from ancient Egypt that could be used in military applications.

The Soviet Academy of Sciences Egyptologists, one Herman Alenkeen and the Egyptologist of Hermitage Museum formed the mission team. Military experts are skilled in chemistry and radioactivity. Some astronomers include Vladimir Yuri and Sami Sharaf. Sami Sharaf is also the secretary of Gamel Abudel Nasser who is the second president of Egypt. It is no surprise that the Soviet Union and Egypt have a political axis, considering the historical period during which the shipment was to take place. In 1956, Israel invaded Egyptian territory. The Canal crisis led to the USSR siding with Egypt.

After the accidental discovery of a mysterious tomb in Giza by two Bedouins from Magbarat Alzoar, the expedition was initiated. The two victims were hospitalized after they entered the grave. When KGB agents and Egyptian intelligence questioned them, the Bedouins repeated that they had found the “Visiting God.”

Since then, the “Isis Project” became the top priority, and all efforts were organized to find and analyze the tomb discovered by the two Bedouins.

For fear of the CIA (the US intelligence services), becoming aware of the discovery, the two countries organized the secret expedition together. The mummy is perhaps the most astonishing discovery. The mummy appears to be more than 2 meters tall, which is much higher than the average Egyptian citizen. Boris Timoyev, a molecular biologist, analyzed carbon 14 to reveal that the body was dated back approximately 13,000 years ago. This is thousands of years before the Egyptian Dynastic Period. Who knows what mummy body contents might be found inside the coffin? What sparked Sci-Fi’s interest in the subject was a film that the American broadcaster seems to have obtained from the Russian mafia through an intermediary.

The film obtained from the KGB archives and the high-security images show the discovery of the sarcophagus inside the Visitor’s Tomb. Sci-Fi experts confirm the authenticity of this film. Is this a movie of any value? Is this a joke made from the revelations of Ivanovich It is clear that the video matches the data in the Ivanovich documents. This would, according to some people, be another proof of the film’s authenticity. Dr. Ivanocih’s revelations are correct and we should reexamine the entire cultural evolution in human civilization.