9.7 million-year-old tooth fossils could rewrite history

Tooth fossils dating back 9.7 million years were recently discovered. Now, a German politician says this find could rewrite human history.

In Germany, on the banks of the river Rhine, in a town known as Eppelsheim, a team of scientists made an expedition where fossil teeth were found.

According to an analysis made by archaeologists, they matched the remains of a primate known as “Lucy.” But this primate inhabited Ethiopia.

Fossil teeth that don’t match historyThe primate “Lucy” was highly correlated with humans and its extinction is estimated about three million years ago. In Ethiopia itself .

These remains found in Germany, hold an innate parallelism regarding other species discovered on European or Asian continents.

Deutsche Welle, one of the scientists on the team who came across this great mystery, said that the discovery of the fossils occurred in 2016 .

However they decided to keep it quiet . This is until the reliable results are obtained to be able to confirm that what they initially feared was real.

The head of the expedition’s team of scientists, who is also director of the Mainz Museum of Natural History, Herbert Lutz , in his stated the following:

“The teeth are obviously monkey, with characteristics similar to the African discoveries of 4 to 5 million, younger than the fossils that were excavated in Eppelsheim, we really have been very lucky, but at the same time this is a great mystery” .At the press conference where the discovery was made known to the world, the Mayor of Mainz, Michael Ebling, was also present, who gave surprising statements.

For the politician, this finding could totally rewrite human history.

This new find is going to surprise experts, said archaeologist Axel von Berg.

After a year of research, the Lutz declared that they could publish the first data obtained plus the content of the work.

In this way, a global study of the remains can begin, implying that the enigma of these fossils is just beginning.

Rewriting the historical canon?Today a great variety of species is known that lived in Europe millions of years ago. However, hominids is not one of them.

This finding revealed that these species correlated with humans if they inhabited this area of the Earth and not only on the African continent.

The scientific community had approval in the last century to declare that modern humans evolved in East Africa. In a period of time between 400,000 to 200,000 BC. C. Before they dispersed for the rest of the planet around makes 70,000 years .

However, despite this “official information” that we have been taught from schools, fossil remains have been discovered that totally contradict this historical canon.

These fossils were exhibited in the Museum of Natural History of Maiz, receiving thousands of visits, but several samples are in laboratories, being studied and analyzed.

Once again, a finding calls into question the history we know, and can be rewritten, if orthodox scholars allow it. Will this discovery also be silenced like many others in the past?

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